Pest News   |   June 26, 2018

6 Ways to Cause a Virtual Infestation of Mosquito Control Awareness

By: Sherri VanScoit, Marketing, Target Specialty Products

The American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) has once again named the last week of June as National Mosquito Control Awareness Week.  As mosquitos continue to be a hot topic, this year from June 24- June 30, 2018, the AMCA is taking the opportunity to educate the general public about the role mosquitos play in our lives. Despite not being in the news as much this summer, the Zika virus is still very much an issue, as are other mosquito-borne diseases. As people are searching for answers to their questions about these pests, and with the height of mosquito season fast approaching, there’s no better time for pest and lawn professionals to reach out to their communities. By continuing to be diligent and not allow awareness of this vector for disease to fade, communities can stay safe – but they need your help. The following are some of the best ways to keep your mosquito control services and bite prevention in the forefront of your audience’s mind:  

Make your website an informational resource
When it comes to information, one of the first places people look is on the web. By starting a blog with informative and engaging content, you will stand out among the competition and position yourself as an expert in the field.  The better your content, the more you will attract readers and potential clients to your site. Remember to be more educational than salesy and don’t forget about including SEO keywords to enhance your online presence.

Create ebooks and more
Along with your blogs, create ebooks and guidebooks to help grow your leads. For this type of premium content, you’ll want to work with your webmaster to ensure the content is gated. Meaning, users must fill out a form in order to gain access to the content. Requesting a user’s email in exchange for the premium information will help you build up your prospect list of warm leads.  

Promote your business with yard signage
Although it may seem like a dated marketing tactic, lawn signs continue to bring in business for home service companies. Start by double-checking the town ordinances where you are treating and always ask permission of the homeowner before placing a sign on their lawn. 

Utilize social media
From Twitter and Instagram to Facebook, make sure you share plenty of safety tips and mosquito information with your followers. Remember to include facts about standing water being an attractive source for mosquitos and try to use as many visuals as possible. The more useful your information, the more likely it will be shared, and your customer list will grow.

Run a mosquito promotion
There’s no better time for a promotion than now. Consider offering a discount off a treatment or a free spray to new clients. The possibilities are endless! Utilize Facebook advertising so you can target your audience better. You can also include a promotion at the end of your blog posts and advertise your promotion in a newsletter or in your social media feed.

Get your customer talking about your service
Consider a ‘block party’ promotion. Offer a discount to customer’s who get 3 or more families to sign up for your mosquito reduction service who live in close proximity. Treat them on the same day to save and watch your customer list grow. 

The public is hungry for mosquito awareness and information about this summer’s pests. The more you can do to keep them informed and keep mosquito control top of mind, the more service calls you’ll get this summer!