Pest News   |   February 24, 2020

1st Defence Industries Announces Exclusive Partnership with Target Specialty Products

Abbotsford, British Columbia (Feb 24): 1st Defence Industries, the Canadian-based company that provides durable, effective and affordable pest management products, announced a partnership today with Target Specialty Group.          

The partnership gives Target Specialty Products, a leading value-added service provider of pest, turf and ornamental solutions in the United States and Canada,  the exclusive rights to sell the world’s first industrial-grade pest monitors, lures and traps. The partnership also provides the exclusivity for Target Specialty Products for a line of all-natural pest deterrents including rodents and nuisance wildlife, as well as a line of all-natural pest deterrents, including Rat Dust.

“We are truly excited to work with Target Specialty Products to offer an extensive line of products to customers,” said Randall Sanford, Founder and President at 1st Defence Industries, “Target Specialty Products can now expand its offering of eco-friendly, pesticide-free, non-toxic, child and pet safe pest control solutions to their customers directly.” 

 “We will now be able to offer pest-friendly bug coasters and sticky cones from 1st Defence Industries that are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and residential and commercial end-users,” said David Helt, President at Target Specialty Products, “We are looking forward to working closely with the 1st Defence Industries’ team to offer an extensive line of product solutions for our customers.” 

About 1st Defence Industries: 1st Defence Industries is a Canadian owned and operated business based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, with manufacturing facilities in Ontario and the United States. 1st Defence Industries makes durable, effective and affordable pest management products. Using non-toxic, pesticide-free technologies, 1st Defence Industries is committed to safely and effectively protecting the environment, adults, children, and pets. 

About Target Specialty Products: For over 80 years Target Specialty Products has been a leading value-added service provider of pest control and pest management solutions, turf and ornamental solutions, application equipment, supplies and education and training programs. Target Specialty Products serves the Pest Management and Turf & Ornamental markets from 44 locations across the United States and Canada, in both the private and public sector.