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tick borne diseases

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FMC stands behind the performance of its products so you can be confident about choosing them. Take on Ticks in All Conditions with our Scion® Insecticide with Tick Assurance program.



Take on Ticks in All Conditions

FMC Guarantees 75 days of no retreatments* after a Scion® insecticide with UVX™ technology exterior perimeter barrier application made within the program period. If a retreatment is required during the 75-day period, FMC will provide the amount of Scion® insecticide needed for retreatment.

Program Details

Apply Scion® insecticide at a rate of 0.65 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. to any residential, commercial, or other label permitted use site at up to a 75-day interval. Scion® insecticide may be applied using a tank sprayer or backpack sprayer.


Reduce the Risk of Tick Bites

To reduce tick populations outdoors, apply Scion® as a coarse spray to foundations, foliage, fencing, tall grasses, overgrown areas, and areas of home perimeters where ticks may overwinter. In areas where ticks are already frequently encountered, treat the entire turf and landscaped area.

Public Health

Ticks may transmit pathogens causing diseases such as:

  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky mountain spotted fever
  • Babesiosis
  • Rickettsia parkeri Rickettsiosis
  • Anaplasmosis

Take a Strategic Approach

Timing is critical when treating for ticks. Many tick species have a complex life cycle. However, most ticks are most abundant in the summer and early fall. Target larvae and nymphs in the spring and summer in areas with shade or moisture, taller grasses, dense shrubs, or leaf litter. Then, from September through October, target adults in areas they are seen including foliage, tall grasses, and overgrown areas.

Terms and Conditions

Any pest management professional or lawn care operator (PMP/LCO) licensed or certified by an appropriate state, local or tribal agency agrees to provide a service ticket with the following information should a retreatment be necessary within the 75-day interval:

  • Use rate i.e., ounces of concentrate per finished gallon
  • The amount of finished product (gallons) per treatment per customer
  • The approximate treated area (sq ft) per treatment per customer
  • Date, time and location of service

Proof of purchase will be required

If a PMP/LCO who has followed all label instructions and the requirements of the Scion Tick Assurance Program™ receives a complaint from a customer requiring a retreatment, the PMP/LCO must contact their FMC market specialist within 10 business days of the retreatment. If FMC determines that a retreatment is valid, FMC will provide the appropriate quantity of Scion® Insecticide to cover the retreatment of the account. Retreatment with Scion® Insecticide may not occur less than 28 days after the initial application. FMC will only provide replacement product to a PMP/LCO for reapplication. No other costs associated with a retreatment are the responsibility of FMC. FMC reserves the right to investigate any performance complaint, verify any purchases made by a PMP/LCO and/or modify or discontinue this program at any time. To find your local FMC market specialist, please visit | @FMCpest

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